It’s the Little Things…

8 Jun

Yesterday was a bad day.

Like, a terribly horrible and exhausting day.

Nothing earth-shattering happened… In fact, looking back on it, nothing BAD happened at all.  Everything that happened was either frustrating or annoying and it just ate at me – all day long.  The printer at work wasn’t feeding paper from the multi-purpose tray the right way, and I had to re-print the same document about 12 times to get it to come out on company letterhead.  My supervisor had meetings all day and wasn’t around to approve the reports and invoices that I needed to get to our client by close-of-business yesterday (they finally got there at 9:00 this morning…). Overall, it was just one of those days where the hits just keep coming and it really wears you out.

I was still really run-down when I got in this morning and just not looking forward to spending an entire day writing meeting minutes for the three 2-hour meetings we had this week, so I opened up my Google Reader and started reading my favorite blogs.  Just reading the words written by some of my role models – people who do not know me and probably never will – made some of the weight on my shoulders dissipate nearly instantaneously.  I kept cycling through, reading post after post and I finally got to this one.  If you’ve never read DESIGNLOVEFEST, you really should start. These girls are so inspiring – creative, beautiful, adventurous. Bri’s post today about things that make her happy really made me re-evaluate my mood today and realize that it really is the little things that make me happy.

So, in copycat fashion, here is my list of little things that make me [HAPPY]~

1} Clean, dry, beautifully-organized laundry.  This one is hard for me – it doesn’t happen very often with my hectic schedule, and it truly stresses me out to have piles and piles of laundry on the floor, never able to find what I’m looking for. When I nail it, it’s SO relieving that I’m usually giddy for days.

2} Really, really bad television (and some not-so-bad) – I don’t know what it is, but these super corny, super dramatic shows are like crack.  To me, there’s nothing that can erase a bad week like curling up on the couch on Saturday morning and burning through all of the DVR’d shows from the week – The Bachelorette, Secret Life of the American Teenager, Hart of Dixie, The Lying Game, Glee, Glee Project… and that’s only a partial list. 🙂

3} Brilliant Ideas – when I see something inspiring and figure out the perfect application of the idea in my own life, I feel empowered. Like I can keep bettering myself and someday I’ll be exactly who I dream of being.

4} Typography – When I see something that is beautifully typeset, it literally takes my breath away. I never realized it until I started reading blogs – and even more so when I started planning my wedding – I’m obsessed with typography. I need to learn more about it so I can make things beautiful on my own.

5} Drawing – This is something I don’t do nearly as much as I would like to… pretty much never, lately. I used to be a rather skilled artist, and watching a drawing come alive on the page brought me so much  happiness. This is something I’d really like to get back into, once I get my life organized a little better.

6} Pictures of Puppies – who doesn’t cheer up when they see one of these li’l fellas?


7} My Friends – I don’t have a lot of friends – partly because I’m a lot to handle, partly because I’m really picky after  being burned once or twice by people who did not have my best interests at heart – but the people I do consider friends pretty much kick major ass. They would do nearly anything for me on any given day and I’m so thankful for that.

8} Relaxing nights with my family – When we’re both home, life is so good. We work together on nearly everything – dinner, chores, parenting, choosing tv shows/ movies… Now that Kyle is about to start a corporate job [YAY], I’m seriously looking forward to more time like this. No more retail work hours – until 9:00 or later sometimes – no more weekends, only Monday-Friday; 9-5. It will be heaven.

9} Evelynne – The only reason she’s not first on this list is because it’s a given that she makes me happier than anything in the entire world. There’s not much else to say about that. The love that a mother has for her daughter simply can’t be put into words.

Look at that face!!

10} The little things – The fact that all of these things I have listed are the only things I need to be truly happy – it’s perfection.

Now it’s your turn – what makes you happy? What do you do to bring yourself back after a bad day or week?

Look for a new post this weekend – hopefully I’ll actually get around to one of my tutuorials!


Hopelessly Devoted to You



6 Jun

I know, I know. I’m quite possibly the worst blogger in history. I’m so disappointed in myself. I started in January and did SO SO good until February ended and then nada.  I’m going to be honest, I have NO idea how some of you all do this.  Between a family, home, friends, and full-time job, where do you balance relaxing & blogging? I’d really like some tips.

Of the above list, at least 3 things generally get skipped – Blogging, Relaxing, and Housework!  My house is a disaster. I know a lot of other people claim this on a regular basis, but seriously – my house looks like a tornado ripped right through.  I should post pictures as proof, but I’m not nearly that brave.

The horror!

Yeah, I did it anyway. This picture is from like a month ago, but it hasn’t much improved since then…

I’m hoping I can get back into the groove of things. I actually have about a million things to post about – just no time to write anything up.  In fact, I’m taking a quick mental break at work right now, so this post won’t be too thoughtful or lengthy.  I should just block out one entire day and do nothing but write and schedule lots of awesome goodies for the 9 people who are subscribed to this blog. Haha. It feels so pathetic and insignificant, but I’m not doing it for any reason other than to share the things I get so excited about with other people who will get excited with me — cuz God knows my hubby sure doesn’t care!

Anyway. What’s a blog post without pictures? Check out the new love of my life, which I scored for $65 from an awesome thrift store here in town! They specialize in mid-century furniture, so I’m pretty much obsessed. 🙂 I’m thinking about a furniture makeover, but this one is kind of intimidating because it’s so big and I don’t want to ruin it with my lack of experience! I am thinking bold patterned paper on the back panels, update the hardware, maybe some dip-dyed legs… it could be pretty fab.

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Thanks for stopping by and sticking with me (if you have)

I’m trying to do better!!


I Have a Secret Agenda…

23 Mar

I think I’ve chosen our wedding photographer!  I haven’t actually met with her or even discussed it with the fiance, but I’m obsessed with this girl’s portfolio.  Everything she does is magical. The bonus is that she already works with one of the girls I’m thinking of hiring to do makeup for me & my bridesmaids!  I don’t wanna drop too much information too soon, but I am really excited about this one and had to share!  

Her packages are slightly more expensive than I had intended to pay, but I’m realizing how important it is to me to have the perfect wedding photos. If I’m going to go to ALL of this trouble and money to plan an amazing event, you bet your sweet pattootie that I want the whole thing documented to perfection!  I even realized today that one of my ultimate goals for the whole event is not just to make sure everyone has a great time, but to have the images of my event plastered all over Pinterest! Haha. I know it’s kind of a selfish agenda, but how cool would that be, seriously? To have the decisions and money and hard work acknowledged by quite possibly the most stylish and creative community of people in history? I’d probably die of happiness. 🙂

So, I’ll leave it at that for now. I’m going to talk to my man about the photographer tonight and hopefully see if parents can pitch in to cover the extra financial gap… I’ll let you know how things turn out!

I promise I do have a DIY post coming soon! I made the most adorable Paper Bag dress for my 18 month old daughter, which she wore to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade here in town, and a zippered diaper clutch for my friend Maggie, who is due with her 2nd child (first son) in July! Just a matter of finding the time to write out the tutorials and edit the photos… on our crappy home computers– bleh!

Does anybody have some tips about maybe negotiating w/ a wedding photographer? I don’t know if that’s something that’s even acceptable by wedding etiquette! Love to hear from you!





15 Mar

Holy COW. It’s been HOW long since I posted something? Super-duper ridiculous fail on my part. I was doing so well and really enjoying the feedback I was getting from everyone out there in interland.

So, here’s a list of upcoming posts that I FULLY intend to write…soon.  Unfortunately, work has been occupying so much of my time lately… as has cleaning & laundry. Do you have any idea how much laundry piles up in 1 week from 2 adults and one toddler? It’s insanity.

OK, enough stalling.  Near-future posts by yours truly will include:

  1. Boxy Diaper Clutch tutorial [DIY]
  2. Choosing Floral Arrangements for your [Wedding]
  3. Conquering Sewing fears [DIY]
  4. Final selection of Bridesmaid dress fabric [Wedding]
  5. Toy organization in limited space [Home]
  6. Plans for my new Craft Space [Home/DIY] <—this one I’m SUPER excited about

I don’t want to get too ambitious, so I’m gonna stop before I completely screw myself over.

Keep in mind that these are in no way listed chronologically. You’ll probably see the Craft Space plans first, since I can’t stop thinking about it… and I tend to be an over-planner and under-achiever. Sad, but true.

Anyway, back to work for me!  Thanks for dropping in!


Christa Mae

Valentine’s Cupcakes

13 Feb

I’m making these to take to work tomorrow. Who wants to join me?


Sweetheart Cupcakes Tutorial! (recipe/tutorial)

Green Sleeves… No, Blue!

8 Feb

I’ve been obsessing lately over what to do about the case for my Motorola Xoom, which I first talked about here.  I linked up a bunch of “pinspiration” photos, but none of them really felt right. They’re all incredibly adorable, and if it were a gift, I’d carry any of them with pride. However, none of them had all of the little features I wished I could find, so I thought I’d just combine a bunch and come up with an awesome platypus kind of case…

So, I went to work – literally.  I was sitting in a 3.5 hour meeting yesterday, trying to pay as much attention as possible when most of the subject matter was either information I had personally assembled but was being presented by somebody else, OR it was all going right over my head (a common occurrence) . So,  I did what any normal art school dropout would have done – I started doodling (cue segue…).

I have never really been much of a doodler. The only reason I am even remotely skilled at drawing is because I am incredibly detail-oriented and have great spatial awareness. Meaning, I can look at pretty much anything and draw it relatively accurately.  What I can’t generally do is pull something out of my imagination and bring it to life on paper – this being the reason I didn’t quite cut it as an artist.  This time, however, I got lucky.  Since I can’t just go ahead and doodle, I started brainstorming ideas for this tablet sleeve.  I drew about a dozen rectangles and filled them with designs I liked based off of my recollection of the inspiration photos I had previously posted.  Once I finally started seeing a trend, I began to refine the design until I had an incredibly sloppy sketch of exactly how I want my sleeve to be.

When I got home from work, I busted out my wicked-awesome artist’s pencils and went to work. About an hour later, I had this to show for 4.5 hours of planning:

I know it’s not much, but I’m pretty proud of myself for not having drawn ANYTHING in almost 3 years.  I know my handwriting’s a little sloppy, but I get a pass because I’m a southpaw, right?

Anyway, here’s a breakdown of the plan:

  • Solid navy exterior – canvas
  • Crisp white accent stripe on center – material TBD (potentially leather?)
  •  Brass button & loop closure – originally thinking monogrammed, but I found the ones pictured below, and I pretty much fell in love with that anchor…sooooo I bought the whole set from here 🙂
  • Exterior business card slot
  • Zippered side closures (both sides)
  • Interior stylus loop
  • Chevron printed interior fabric – cotton

And here are the fabrics I purchased tonight for this project:

Like I stated in the last post, I’m wanting something that’s very chic and professional-looking, but I can’t help that fun, bright prints are my weakness. The chevron was music to my eyes, so I had to have it.  It will make an awesome interior lining!

Now, since I have basically zero sewing skills, can anyone give me pointers for construction of this guy? I’m hoping to get some more sketches of the interior and my proposed construction done soon, but I can use all the help I can get at this point!  Anybody? Please?

I’ll be back with an update soon!



Friendship Bracelet Valentines

5 Feb

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Are you ready? I’m getting there… got a few tricks up my sleeve this year.

I saw this and couldn’t help but share. I’m sure you’ve all made friendship bracelets at some point. Personally, I used to have a tackle box full of embroidery floss in every color imaginable. So naturally, when this pops up in my feed – FRIENDSHIP BRACELET VALENTINES!! – I get pretty giddy.

This is such a cute idea. Especially if you have an elementary or middle school-aged daughter. Help her make some for her friends!

I’ll likely be making a set to mail to my bridesmaids ❤


 Find out more about this DIY and see all these pictures here!

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