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All my posts are sound the same…

27 Jul

Dude. I completely fail at this blogging thing. I just never find the time to sit down and write, and honestly? It makes me angry with myself. I’m going to give myself a stern talking-to later on.

Anyway, I promised a Pinterest Challenge project, so… well, I don’t have one. We started it. Bought materials, prepped, cut, stained, everything except for assembling. I’m still waiting for K to put the thing together.  You might be thinking “well, if you want it together so badly, why don’t you just do it yourself?” Trust me, not a good idea. Me and power tools have a long-standing history of them basically sabotaging me – and my skin.  It’s best if I just don’t talk about it.

So, it’s Friday, and Friday means tomorrow’s Saturday, and Saturdays are FULL of free time, right? I wish. BUT I’m hoping and praying that while I’m spending 3 hours in a salon chair while the lovely Kelsey erases weeks of damage to my hair, something will inspire my Mister to finish the project that has been sitting in my parking spot in our garage for 2 weeks, leaving my poor little car alone in the night.

In other news – we’ve actually been looking at houses! An incredible opportunity opened up with our Landlord – who is truly the Dalai Lama of all landlords – and he is open to the idea of purchasing a house, which we will then rent for one year and eventually purchase from him on contract.  We’re opting to go this route for a number of reasons –

  1. We have not saved ANYTHING towards a down payment
  2. Anything we DO save is being funneled towards our wedding (11 Months!!)
  3. Our current lease doesn’t end until April 2013, meaning that we would be moving 2 months before our wedding or staying in our not-big-enough-for-a-family-of-three condo until wedding festivities are over, but then we come back to the “no downpayment” issue.
  4. We will be getting a nicer home than what we could finance on our own through a bank.
  5. The market is so good now, we didn’t want to miss out on potentially snatching up a house for a GREAT price by waiting a year.

So, we’re super excited. Unfortunately, after looking at all current listings in the area, we compiled a list of 4 favorites and received responses from the sellers that 3 of them already have sales pending. We had a showing for the 4th house last night, and were pretty impressed overall, but it’s on the opposite side of town from where we’re hoping to be.

Here’s to a successful week of house hunting!


Somebody to Love

PS – I’m pretty sure I need a “blogging” sponsor. Like in AA how your sponsor tries to keep you OFF the bandwagon, I need someone to keep me ON 🙂 Any takers?


Pinterest Challenge

6 Jul

It’s Pinterest Challenge time, according to a few credible sources

I feel like I discovered Pinterest before it became a “thing”. {If only this were truth… }  It was wayyyyy back in January 2011 and I was just starting to blossom as a domestic goddess… Pinterest made me a monster [No, really, ask my fiancee].  With the ability to FINALLY compile EVERYTHING that could possibly inspire me, I turned into a crazed home-making, cooking, DIY-ing, crafting, sewing, spray-painting savage [with impeccable taste, of course].

That being said, This is now the FOURTH {un}official Pinterest Challenge, and I have yet to participate in a single one. This just won’t do. I am determined to make some sort of magic this weekend. Something to get me off my tush during this heat wave and let my creative energies loose.

I haven’t quite decided on a project yet, but here are some directions I’m leaning…

1. Ikat Chevron Painting (would be AHHHMAZING in my bedroom, which I posted a brief concept board of here)

2.  DIY Plank Headboard – Like the one pictured below, but with a “zipper” seam down the center… not sure about the lights

3. Laundry Closet Makeover (ambitious? yes. necessary? even more so.)

4. Painted Vases (would need to do some serious thrift store shopping to accomplish this one)

5. Toy Storage Crate (SOOOO Cute – and will be perfect for the makeover I’m planning for my daughter’s room!)

Who else is jumping on the Pinterest Challenge bandwagon? Anybody have a list of pinned projects SO long that you’ll simply never have the time to complete them all? Does the list just keep getting longer? Yeah. Mine too.


Somebody to Love

Inspiration Boards

3 Jul

I just wanted to stop by and share a couple inspiration boards I made over the weekend. I love how an inspiration board can bring conceptual ideas into reality and really help you make those difficult design decisions.

Here’s board #1, which I made for my bedroom. [If anybody wants sources for the items on this board, just let me know and I’ll get them included.] Luckily, I already talked my fiancee into the duvet, so we’re well on our way to making this dream a reality 🙂

Does anybody have any suggestions for wall color? I’m not opposed to leaving them white, but I would like a bit of extra color in the room!

The second board is for our guest room, which we have set up in our [unfinished] basement. The walls are actually just muslin hung from the floor joists above. I’m planning to dye the muslin an ombre blue… thus the gradient wall color 🙂

Every. Single. Item. in the guest room board can be purchased at Target. I love Target!

I’m really getting into this whole inspiration board thing. I never realized how much I truly love designing rooms until I started putting it all together!

What do you think? Any suggestions for improvement? You think I’m the bomb-diggity? Feedback of all kinds is SO greatly appreciated – even if you’re just making fun of me for saying “bomb-diggity”.


Don't Go Breaking My Heart

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