Green Sleeves… No, Blue!

8 Feb

I’ve been obsessing lately over what to do about the case for my Motorola Xoom, which I first talked about here.  I linked up a bunch of “pinspiration” photos, but none of them really felt right. They’re all incredibly adorable, and if it were a gift, I’d carry any of them with pride. However, none of them had all of the little features I wished I could find, so I thought I’d just combine a bunch and come up with an awesome platypus kind of case…

So, I went to work – literally.  I was sitting in a 3.5 hour meeting yesterday, trying to pay as much attention as possible when most of the subject matter was either information I had personally assembled but was being presented by somebody else, OR it was all going right over my head (a common occurrence) . So,  I did what any normal art school dropout would have done – I started doodling (cue segue…).

I have never really been much of a doodler. The only reason I am even remotely skilled at drawing is because I am incredibly detail-oriented and have great spatial awareness. Meaning, I can look at pretty much anything and draw it relatively accurately.  What I can’t generally do is pull something out of my imagination and bring it to life on paper – this being the reason I didn’t quite cut it as an artist.  This time, however, I got lucky.  Since I can’t just go ahead and doodle, I started brainstorming ideas for this tablet sleeve.  I drew about a dozen rectangles and filled them with designs I liked based off of my recollection of the inspiration photos I had previously posted.  Once I finally started seeing a trend, I began to refine the design until I had an incredibly sloppy sketch of exactly how I want my sleeve to be.

When I got home from work, I busted out my wicked-awesome artist’s pencils and went to work. About an hour later, I had this to show for 4.5 hours of planning:

I know it’s not much, but I’m pretty proud of myself for not having drawn ANYTHING in almost 3 years.  I know my handwriting’s a little sloppy, but I get a pass because I’m a southpaw, right?

Anyway, here’s a breakdown of the plan:

  • Solid navy exterior – canvas
  • Crisp white accent stripe on center – material TBD (potentially leather?)
  •  Brass button & loop closure – originally thinking monogrammed, but I found the ones pictured below, and I pretty much fell in love with that anchor…sooooo I bought the whole set from here 🙂
  • Exterior business card slot
  • Zippered side closures (both sides)
  • Interior stylus loop
  • Chevron printed interior fabric – cotton

And here are the fabrics I purchased tonight for this project:

Like I stated in the last post, I’m wanting something that’s very chic and professional-looking, but I can’t help that fun, bright prints are my weakness. The chevron was music to my eyes, so I had to have it.  It will make an awesome interior lining!

Now, since I have basically zero sewing skills, can anyone give me pointers for construction of this guy? I’m hoping to get some more sketches of the interior and my proposed construction done soon, but I can use all the help I can get at this point!  Anybody? Please?

I’ll be back with an update soon!




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